A Grouse Hunt where the hunt unfolds in front of you?

Rather watch the dog than the GPS  

Our setters are close working and make the hunt enjoyable

Started Pups

Started Pups 6 - 10 months start at $3200.00 +

All started pups will have been exposed and accustomed to the e-collar and gun he/she will have been worked in the woods.  The pup has been exposed to the grouse woods and is comfortable negotiating the woods.  Depending on age and time of the year, they have had some exposure to Grouse and Woodcock. To sum it up, our started pups have had their foundation laid with extensive, positive handling and their training has begun in the grouse woods where they ultimately will hunt for you.  They are ready to head to the woods and start working with their new owner.



Started pups are guaranteed to pass their OFA hip exam (score fair, good or excellent) at 24 months. They are guaranteed against any congenital eye or hearing defects to the age of 24 months. 


To Reserve a pup

A deposit is required to reserve a started pup. The amount is determined by the pup’s age, level of development and experience.  The balance is due when the pup leaves the kennel.


When the new owner pics up their pup you should be prepared to set aside some time with us at our Dog Training Facilities to receive some individual instruction on handling their pup prior to the pup leaving our kennel.  There is nothing more confusing to a pup than mix communications and inconsistency can unravel training and the foundation that has been developed with each started pup.


Started Pup Availability
Each spring we have pups that are being developed as grouse dogs for fall.  If you are interested in purchasing one of these pups to be trained and ready to go to the woods with you in the fall.  Please contact us so we can discuss your needs.


Owner purchased of a started pup



Just a quick note to tell you about Parker's day. We got out after the rain and moved quite a few birds. My son winged a grouse that landed in tag alder swamp. By the time we got near it Parker was stretched out on the nicest point you have ever seen. He had it nailed. He also had a nice point on a woodcock and several dead bird finds. He also ran some up and had fun. 

I think things clicked for him today. He hunted independent of Abby and found his range and was all business around birds. Pretty impressive for a dog not yet 6 months old.

Mike Farren

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If you have any questions about up coming litters, started grouse dogs in training or information about our other products or services ... please give us a call.

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