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Started Grouse Dogs

Started Grouse Dogs $4000.00 +

These dogs have been started in the grouse woods.  They have started their training on pigeons moved on to liberated quail in aspen thickets and then have been worked on wild birds.  They will whoa on command, hold point on a bird, and hunt for dead and be in control.  They can be hand directed into cover and they know how to adjust their range by commands.  Most naturally quarter and most will retrieve.  If they do not retrieve they will hunt dead.  They are e-collar broke and are ready to go hunting.  All have had  exposure to grouse and some woodcock experience. They will be house broke and well socialized and ready for your family.



Northwind Kennels
       I would like to share my experience with buying a grouse dog from Northwind Kennels.  I began my looking for a finished grouse dog over three years ago and found nothing I would even consider.  Ann's website caught my attention because it talked about a hunting partner that would stay in range and let the hunt unfold in front of you. 

      I set up an appointment to meet a dog that she believed would suit me well after talking to me several times about where and how I hunt.  The first thing that struck me was how calm and friendly Filson was (especially because I had met many other high strung English Setters).   Filson was all she said he would be in the field, stayed in range ,found and pointed birds, steady to wing and shot.  He was not trained to retrieve but with minimal work is retrieving.  Last season he tracked a wounded grouse sixty- seven yards and found the bird under a log.  He just gets better and better with more time in the field.  I also won my hunt clubs trophy for shooting the most grouse behind Filson.

      Last but by far not least he is a house pet.  We all like to get a great hunting dog but realistically even the most avid hunter only hunts his dog 5 to 10 percent of the time.  Filson is gentle, friendly with people and other dogs .  He loves my wife and is very affectionate.  He is also not a barker.  All in all as good a house pet as a hunter which is very important to me.
    I believe Northwind Kennels breeds great dogs and then trains them to be both pets and hunters.    
              Rick McClain



Started Grouse Dogs Availability
Each year we have dogs available that are trained and ready to go to the grouse woods.  We suggest that you give us a call early in the season because they are typically sold before early spring. 

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If you have any questions about up coming litters, started grouse dogs in training or information about our other products or services ... please give us a call.

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