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"Tucker" owned by Jim Bailey working grouse in Canada

Northwind Upland Setters Natural ability - Close working - Intense on Point

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Philip Paquette and Jay


Jay is awesome!!! His personality alone was worth the investment. He does great on anything he is asked.  


He is with me constantly. If I am outside working he is right around me. If I’m on the tractor he just follows along. He is trustworthy and never roams.


It is raining today so I decided to go for a ride to the gun store. He is curled up on the front seat.

I recently introduced Jay to a friend, a former nurse who walked away from nursing to become a dog trainer. She has a gentle way about her and is a great dog person and very dog savvy. When she met Jay and saw him interact with other dogs she was beside herself especially when she found out he was still "intact".  She said in all her years handling dogs Jay was the most impressive intact male she has ever seen.


Jay is all about birds period. From quartering beautifully, to finding birds and holding rock solid. He also loves the river to swim in.


He is doing fantastic. What a dog. You should be very proud of him. He is turning into a great guy.


Here are some of our beliefs about dogs and how best to train them:


  • We believe no two dogs are alike and that here is no "cookbook" or "one size fits all" approach to training. 


  • All dogs are inherently smart and should be treated with kindness and positive reinforcement.


  • We believe that given the opportunity and support most dogs can develop into a good hunting partner.


  • A dog will develop correct behaviors when rewarded with positive outcomes and avoid inappropriate behaviors when provided consistent direction over time.


  • Dogs have feelings and respond best to direction that is followed with sincere verbal praise and loving tactile rewards that are given consistently.


  • A hunting dog must have the opportunity to work in the environment of the birds they hunt.  It takes working grouse to develop into a true grouse dog.


  • When working with a puppy, he/she is a clean slate.  You are responsible for what he/she does or does not learn and for any undesirable behaviors it develops.


  • When gun breaking a dog there is no fixed schedule or time frame.  Introduction to the gun depends on the dog's maturity, the exposure to birds it has had, and proceeding with full attention paid to the dog's body language.    Making a mistake by introducing the gun too soon or inappropriately is a set-back that can take a good deal of time and effort to correct.  We believe gun breaking is best left to a professional trainer.


When it comes to hunting, the performance of your dog reflects the training you have done.  It also reflects how good you are as a handler, your ability to read the cover and understanding the true hunting partnership between you and your dog is just as critical as having a trained grouse dog.





I’ve been buying products from Ann and Skip for a number of years now but it wasn’t until I purchased a puppy from them that I realized just how special Northwind Enterprises truly is. I had been looking for a credible dog breeder for years, unable to identify one that truly understood grouse hunting and the type of dog it took to have a successful and enjoyable hunt. Many of the breeders I talked with breed and trained dogs for a style of hunting that I just don’t find enjoyable. Being a grouse and woodcock hunter in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I wanted a dog that could work at a slower pace to minimize any bumping of birds. After several disappointing conversations, I decided to give Ann and Skip a call to see what they had to offer. After one phone conversation with Ann, I knew they were the people I wanted to work with. From the first phone conversation, they understood exactly what I was looking for. I purchased my first puppy from them in the winter of 2015 and have sent her to their summer training program and I couldn’t be more pleased. Ann and Skip have taken the time to not only train my dog to be a first class hunting dog, but they have also spent time training me to be a better owner. The success of my puppy and the return on my investment came from not only buying the type of dog I wanted, but partnering with the experienced and knowledgeable trainers such as Ann and Skip. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new dog and trainers to help with developing a hunting dog.

Brian Chapman & Wren


To follow Wren's progress go to Field Notes and look for the story about Wren!


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