Our  Puppy Guarantee

When you purchase a pup from Northwind Upland Bird Dogs you will receive a healthy puppy with excellent, genetically proven,  bird dog potential.  Both parents have proven to be exceptional grouse dogs and/or guide dogs.  By utilizing dogs of such high caliber for breeding we can offer a high caliber pup  based on the fact that the parents have proven themselves in the grouse woods hunting the most difficult wild bird there is.  


 We don't talk about hunting grouse and woodcock as a past time for only a few days or a week out of a year.  We prove our dogs every time we guide and if our dogs were not top caliber grouse dogs we would not have the guide business we have.  We only breed dogs of the highest caliber, with the goal that from every litter we produce we will train two or more as started pups, started dogs, or keep them for our own guide business.  Just like you, we want top quality puppies that will prove themselves in the grouse woods.  Our guide business depends on us making good decisions on bloodlines and also on the quality of the dogs we breed. From every litter we will be raising pups for our own business so we have as much at stake as you when purchasing a puppy from us.


 It is one thing to raise a dog and train it on quail or pheasants, however, it is a whole different level to have a dog that will be efficient on grouse. Our dogs possess the wild bird savvy for grouse: a good nose, desire to find birds, and the desire to hunt with you and for you.  All our puppies display the instinctive traits that are necessary to become outstanding on grouse, and any other wild bird, while still being enjoyed as a partner and friend in a home. They just need the training and opportunity to fulfill their genetic potential.


We will guarantee our pups against hereditary diseases (i.e. hip dysplasia)  through 24 months old. We know our dogs and the stock from which they came from and will not breed a dog or lines with any known hereditary diseases. 


To validate our guarantee on any pup or dog:

The pup/dog must be living with and owned by the original purchaser.

The pup/dog must not be neutered or spayed before 1 year of age. 

The pup/dog  must not have sired/or whelped a litter of puppies.

The pup/dog must not be over weight or have been fed low quality dog food.

Proof of purchase of a quality dog food may be needed if requested.

A statement from a Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine describing the genetic anomaly. 

There will be a need for the pup/dog to be followed up by a second exam by a professional in that field of study


Please note: We do not pay or reimburse for any veterinarian bills associated with any pup or dog after they leave us. Our pups are examined by a veterinarian before they go to their new home.  We provide our pups with excellent nutrition and a clean and social environment.  


When you take ownership of your pup at eight weeks of age they will have all necessary vaccinations and will have been checked by a veterinarian and confirmed to be in good health.   You will receive a bill of sale , the puppies’ current health records, a sample of the puppy food he/she has been eating,  feeding instructions, and all papers necessary to register your pup with the Field Service Stud Book (English import crosses exception on registration we do not transfer breeding rights to owners of pups that are 50% or greater on imported bloodlines).  We ask that when you register your pup you use Cinsar Northwind as the first part of the pup's name so we can continue to track the bloodline over time.


We always like to hear from our puppy owners and we encourage you to send pictures as they develop into good grouse and woodcock dogs.  If you have any questions along the way, we are always here to help you with your pup.   


Please Note:  If at any time in the life of your dog you find that you cannot keep your dog.  You are always welcomed to return your dog or pup to us (no refund) and we will be glad to give it a good home.

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If you have any questions about up coming litters, started grouse dogs in training or information about our other products or services ... please give us a call.

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