Northwind PRO Hunter Workshop on DVD

“How to Find & Strategically Hunt Grouse & Woodcock”

The PRO Hunter Workshops provides a unique opportunity for Grouse and Woodcock Hunters to learn how to best Plan their grouse/woodcock hunt by doing pre-hunt Research using information on forestry, grouse habitat, aerial photos and topographical maps interpretation, GPS technology, and additional materials to enhance the hunter’s Opportunities to find and strategically hunt Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock. Our DVD package is the next best thing to attending a workshop.


Incorporated into the DVDs version of our workshop are some fantastic videos of grouse drumming during the day as well as at night along with footage of a grouse trying to court a mate by fanning out his tail and ruff and “shaking his stuff” to attract her. We also include some unique footage of woodcock activity we observed at a “singing ground” near our dog training camp in the Northwoods WI.


Over 4 hours of instruction. Included is a 102 page workbook/printable reference guide (downloadable PDF) with various resource materials including an aging guide for Aspen clear cuts.


Within this DVDs set you will  learn:

  • How to plan, research, and optimize your hunt
    • Site requirements for males, females, and chicks—what to look for from the hunter's perspective
    • Food requirements throughout the year—learn what the grouse eats you’ll know where to find birds
    • The male and female grouse yearly life cycle and habitat—knowing this assists in pre-season scouting as well as the fall hunt
    • Brood development, fall dispersal, and early winter re-grouping—the time of the season affects where we find birds
    • Factors affecting the overall grouse population cycles—the up cycle and the down cycle and how we change our hunting strategy
    • How to sex a grouse and to identify a juvenile from an adult
    • Woodcock habitat requirements
    • Flush patterns of woodcock—identifying the difference between a male flush and a female flush to better prepare you for that split second shot
    • Strategies for hunting woodcock dependent on the time of day and weather conditions
    • How to sex a woodcock
    • How to locate and identify productive habitat for grouse and woodcock
    • How to hunt the transitions and how the transitions change with the season and weather
    • Hunting “the backdoor”—strategies to hunt “heavy hunter traffic areas”
    • How best to use topographical maps and aerial photos in your pre-hunt planning
  • How to identify clear-cuts
    • How elevation affects timber types
    • Locating possible grouse funnels (patterns of escape)
  • Use of the Internet when planning and researching your hunt
  • How to conduct preseason scouting
  • Put it all together and strategically getting the most out of your hunt
To learn more about this 3 disc DVD set (sent via priority mail) and the 104 page workbook
(provided as a downloaded, printable PDF file) click button below:

Customer Testimonials:



I just finished the workshop and after 25 years of hunting these birds I was very happy to learn a lot of new information about how they live and how best to find them. Thanks for your efforts and your product. I just ordered the Google Earth overlay for  The Pere Marquette. Can’t wait till nextyear. Mark Woolsey“


"Hello Ann,

I don’t know whether you remember me or not nor do I expect that you will respond to this email in a timely fashion given your hunting schedule. However, I had to pass some words along.We spoke a while ago on the phone and I too am a forester and I was inquiring about your DVD set.  Well, I went ahead and purchased the materials. It was, to say the least awesome.  I knew everything you were talking about but it took your seminar to bring it all together. The results so far have been astounding.Without getting into the details, you brought my grouse and woodcock hunting to the next level. It was just the boost I needed. My dog is working closer, I’m reading the habitat better, I’m recognizing food sources, and I am getting more flushes…should I boost your ego more? :-)”Best wishes,Paul Klocko, Westin WI "



“I purchased your seminar on DVD recently and enjoy it very much. I have made it a “required” course for my two sons before I bring them up north this fall.” –Jim Thomas, Kewanee, IL



"I received my course and maps on Friday. I am devouring the course and looking forward to going through it again. This course is going to be a big help to me. I started hunting grouse just a few years ago and am learning on my own. At nearly 50, I feel at a disadvantage to start hunting this incredible game bird. I hunt by myself, not having any friends to hunt with. I have a couple of friends with bird dogs, but getting together never seems to work out. I hope I can swing a trip out to you folks next year though.


The course is already helping me understand why I have had success in some areas and not others. I have been reviewing my hunting spots with topo and aerial photos to try and improve my approach and strategy.

Thanks again,

Mike Nagle"




Just a note to say what a valuable source of information the Pro Hunter DVDs are. If Northwind were to introduce a second set of DVDs with additional strategies, tactics, and stories, I would be the first in line to purchase. You have increased my enjoyment of the sport tenfold!

Larry Thomason, Galesburg, Il"


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