Fireworks don't mix with dogs!

The 4th of July is a great time for everyone to get together. However, not everyone will enjoy it as much as you will. Many of our four legged friends do not like the resounding boom of fireworks.

Those of you that have young dogs and especially puppies need to remember that this is not the way to introduce them to loud noises. Many of the fireworks not only are loud but also can send a vibration through a house or rattle the windows.

So what are you going to do... to help your dog through this time.

1. A tired dog is very helpful...plenty of exercise earlier in the day helps.

2. Keep your dog inside during fireworks and with human companionship is very helpful. If hot, run an air conditioning which can provide a great background noise to help drown out the noise of the fireworks.

3. Provide a safe place for your dog to relax in and away from the noise of the fireworks. Think about where the fireworks may be happening and go to the other side of the house or the basement. A smaller area gives more security than a big area.

4. Cover a crate as long as it will not make the dog hot and even play a radio or turn the TV on for background noise.

5. Some dogs will become afraid if outside when they hear fireworks and may bolt. Make sure your dog is micro-chipped, had a good fit for it's collar with ID tags.

6. Remember the dog is reading your body language. Stay calm, act normal, and do not smoother them or baby them. A pet or a hug is fine but each time a firework goes off … just act like nothing happened.

Exercise the dog in the morning - Provide a Safe Environment - Act Normal -

Background Noise - Stay calm and make your pet comfortable

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