Will and Newt a fantastic team in the Grouse woods!

I purchased Newt in November of 2016 from Ann after visiting her kennel the previous month. Since the day I picked him up he's been a joy to work with (probably the easiest I've ever trained in 25 years of working setters).

From a very young age he was very bitable in his training and willing to work with me as a team. His first year in the woods he was steady on point and has been improving ever since. His range is great for how I like to hunt (50-75 yards) and is very methodical in how he works cover. I have never had to correct him with an e-collar and use very quiet mouth whistles and hand signals for commands in the woods.

Aside from the hunting, I've been very pleased with his calmness in the house and especially how easy going he is with young kids. If you're looking for a great bird dog that is a companion instead of just a tool I strongly recommend Ann's dogs and will be adding another one soon to my stable!

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