Northwind August 2016 update

The summer is flying by. We have had heat, storms and floods. However, seems like every day is packed with dog training and projects that need to be done before the snow fly's. Mosquitos are really bad this year and the ticks at least for the time being have disappeared.

I have seen quite a few broods all different age groups. Some at this point look very mature ...typical when spring comes early to the Northwood's. However, I have seen young ones as well the tell-tale sign of a second hatch.

About a month ago we had serious flooding in our area and to the north of us with a lot of damage to roads and culverts. I believe this has caused some lose to some of the grouse population. Time will tell how much the flooding has hurt the population to the north of us.

Dog training is going well. I am pleased at where the dogs are at. The 5 jonny houses we have on the property are working well; however, as to be expected we now have a bobcat lurking around. I have run into it twice. We keep running into grouse here and there but have not put pressure on the birds in case they have young. I believe the Woodcock have done well this year. It would be nice if the temps would be a bit lower but that is typical summer training.

We are expecting a nice litter of pups in a couple of weeks. So we are all looking forward to playing with puppies. Both parents are excellent grouse dogs and this is a repeat breeding.

August first marks the first day when we can start traveling with the dogs to different parts of the forest... to look for grouse. Looking forward to finding new areas and checking out brood size.

That is about it for now and hope everyone is having a nice summer.



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