Wren and her family

Wren was born in December of 2014 during a particularly nasty cold snap. Her mother Lady M was nestled in our large whelping area in the house. I like to have my mother’s nearby to keep tabs on them and help if needed. I also find my dogs are very content in the house and that is the best for a new mother and her litter.

Wren went home with Brian Chapman and his family. They were living in lower Wisconsin but have since moved back to Michigan. Brian worked with Wren quite a bit as a young pup...with a calm demeanor and a steady approach Wren developed into a very well-mannered young pup. As you can see Wren has developed quite a bond with Brian's son and the two of them spend a lot of time together.

Hi Ann,

All and all, Wren continues to be a great hunting partner and family dog. In the one season she has been hunting, she has gone from a timid puppy not sure what to do in the woods, to a steady bird hunter who now looks forward to getting in the car and out in the woods. We are all very pleased with the type of dog she is.


Wren came back for trianing for two months during the summer of 2015. We were impressed with the calmness for a pup that young and she quickly adapted to kennel life but was always the most well behaved of all the dogs. She was also very easy to work with and such a happy young pup. Brain his family had done a gret job of raising a calm puppy that listens very well. Below is a video of one of her training runs.

We always enjoy hearing back from those that have our puppies or dogs. We also want to know that we are a resource for our customers after the sale and want to make sure they get the most out of their dog or pup

Hi Ann, (Wren at 8 months pre-season) I made those adjustments we talked about last week to Wren's training and it went a lot smoother. I placed the quail in the woods and took her off her lead and she responded like she should have. Throughout the whole weekend we had 35 woodcock and 14 grouse flushes. She probably pointed about 20 of them. She was also pointing on the scent of birds that had flushed without her around. She did excellent. I also shot the training pistol around her without any issues. Things are going great!

Here are some current pictures of Wren now at 15 months working spring woodcock. She has grown into a beautiful dog. Wren is holding nicely as Brian works out and around to get a front picture of Wren on point.

Wren has developed into a beautiful young dog that is calm in the house and progressing quickly in the woods. A lot of the credit goes to Brian and his family. Each member of the family has been calm around Wren as a pup and have used consistent commands, and structured Wren's environment so that she learns quickly. The point is a calm dog will progress quicker than a hyper dog because they are already focused to learn as you work with them and ready for the next task.

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