2015 Pups in Training

Born in August of 2015 this nice group of pups will be ready for the 2016 season to start working the woods for grouse and woodcock. We look forward to keeping you updated on this impressive group of pups that are already proving to be quick studies.

This is the second breeding between Parker and Rosie and the first breeding was very successful so we have repeated the breeding. Some of these pups will be available as started grouse dogs for this upcoming season.

We sold only a few pups from this litter at eight weeks old and have been hearing back from the owners about the pups they have bought.


Rose is doing well. She has house trained quickly and adjusted to a crate almost too easily. She has not messed in here crate! She comes to work with me every day, and gets let out a few times throughout the day, so that certainly helped in getting her accustomed to the crate in the proper manner.

I read most of your book and really enjoyed it. I have over 10 books that I have collected over the years on bird dog training, and yours condenses the best concepts for training a true grouse dog. Thanks again for the book.

Have a good evening.



Putting him on some pen raised birds this week. Seems to have a good nose. Very intelligent . I'm excited .


Great. Calm in house great with kids and really liking finding quail. Just wanted her to get excited which she is but now pointing and allowing me to flush up. She also has been retrieving very well in training. She had a chance today to chase pigeons and find a few quail. She did well. .

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