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At first Duchess was not sure what was expected of her. There were no trees, bushes or the smell of the woods... instead there were automatic doors, wheel chairs, and even an elevator... and the smell of food floating down the hallway from the large dining room.

Duchess was on a socialization training outing this morning. A visit to Park Manor nursing home in Park Falls, Wisconsin. We got past the first door which did confuse Duchess a bit because it opened and closed on its own... and we were quickly greeted by a resident named Mary. Now Mary loves dogs and her face brightened up as soon as she saw Duchess. My good friend Deb, one of the manages greeted us and we started our visit of the nursing home and then eventually made our way to the second floor where we greeted more residents. This was a great experience for Duchess and she quickly adapted to all the different sounds, and smells that she experiences on her visit. Duchess enjoyed all the petting and attention as well as she made her way all through the nursing home. The looks were priceless, the smiles, and even a few tears and a story now and then of the dogs these people had loved during their lifetimes.

Duchess handled all the petting, the elevator and all the commotion just great and we both left glad we had stopped knowing we made others a bit happier for the day.


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