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Northwind Mapping Solutions helps Grouse Hunters locate new habitat and enjoy a more productive hunt.

Grouse Habitat Maps are available for 11 states in multiple formats: printed, digital, download

Also available are educational resources in the form of DVD's, CD's and Dog Training Manual to enhance your hunt.

Statewide Mapping Solution 

for your computer, tablet and smart phone

Detailed training manual for developing your young dog into a grouse hunting partner

Grouse Habitat Maps for your Garmin GPS Unit

Grouse Habitat Maps

Printed and PDF downloads with GPS cut files for your GPS

How to Locate and Strategically Hunt Grouse and Woodcock

 3 disc DVD set 4 1/2 hours

How to Locate Utilize Imagery

to Identify Grouse Habitat

Customer Product Testimonials

"I am back from my Michigan woodcock and grouse hunt. I wanted to let you know that your mapping program and the micro SD card for my gps were the keys to a successful hunt. I had never been to Michigan on a hunt. My father hunted with me and he had never been to Michigan at all. We rented a cabin in northern Michigan and hunted land we never laid eyes on before. No guides. No local hunters to help us. No one hunting with us or advising us who ever hunted Michigan a single time.


This trip was planned straight off of your Michigan Scout N Hunt mapping program by me sitting at my desk at work. I then printed out the areas I selected to hunt and used the printed maps and my gps with your Micro SD card to actually hunt. The hunt was 100% do-it-yourself.


Despite challenging weather (rain, wind variable and gusting to 25 mph), we moved 70 woodcock and 16 grouse in four days. If we had good weather to hunt, we would have done much better.


Your products were absolutely critical to our success. I am already working on overlaying the actual hunting data onto google earth maps to isolate and mark the good areas we located during the hunt. I plan to go back next year and use your mapping software to locate more good areas to hunt. In no time, I will have more good areas to hunt than I can cover in a week. I just wanted you to know how well pleased I am with your mapping solutions. Without your help, I would have been throwing darts in the dark. Thank you".

Randy Street

Monroe, Louisiana



Hi Ann, 

As you may remember I purchased the 9" X 13"  maps you made for me as well a the chip for my Garmin Astro 320.  The maps are unbelievable and the chip is equally as helpful--in fact, more so.  I love them both.  I just returned from 6 days in Price County.  There were many occasions where I was going to change direction in the woods, but noted on my GPS that there was good habitat right in front of me, but not yet within view.  What a timesaver!!  Found good habitat that I did not know even existed, and I have been hunting Price County since 1986!!

Thanks for your help. 

Thanks again.   Chuck



Hi Ann,

I just wanted to drop you a note to say what a good value I think your maps are.  I recently purchased the gps chip for Washburn and Burnett counties in Wisconsin.  This is an area I have hunted for years (I grew up in Rice Lake and have a place with my dad by Minong).  I was familiar with some of the areas that were shown but there were many others that I had not been too.  This saves a ton of time scouting.  


I have found that I tend to go to the same places I have had success over and over.  The problem with this is time whips along and years go by.   I get caught in a rut of going to the same comfortable spots even when they are not productive.  The maps you put together have motivated me to get to new places.  After just one weekend I knew what a good deal this is. 

I now live across the river in Minnesota and have ordered another chip. These are great - thank you for all the work.





I got your SD card with the Errol Maps and they are awesome! .

Thanks, Dan



Hi Ann,

I bought the mapbook for the Ottawa National Forest and am thrilled! You've done an amazing job! 

Can't wait to put it to work in a couple weeks.  Thanks for your help and I hope you have great hunting!

Randy Leitow


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