Northwind Printed Grouse Habitat Maps Sets

Displayed below is an overmiew map that shows the areas covered by our grouse habitat maps.  This should help you find the correct maps for the areas that you want to hunt. At this time we offer 54 maps in 11 states with plans to add more states. The mapped areas in each state are color coded so that you can look at an area and locate a particular map.  Some states have multiple maps sets, some only one.  The more color in a state means there are multiple maps sets available. When you think you have found the area of interest, go to our online store and select the state and you will see each maps set with in that state in more detail.
Our map sets are available in the following formats:
  • Spiral bound map books that  12.5" x 18.5", water resistant heavy stock paper
  • Spiral bound map books that are 12.5" c 18.5, waterproof, puncture and tear resistant synthetic medium
  • PDF download for your tablet phone or computer... you print your own  8 1/2" x 11"maps
  • For your Garmin GPS a MicroSD card for Garmin Custom Maps compatible units.
For a listing of Garmin units that are compatible with our digital maps click the button below:
The shaded areas displayed on the image below represent each of the different Printed Maps Sets that are currently available. To go directly to our store please click the button the right
                                 click on the image below to view under a magfifying glass for greater detail

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