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Shes awesome, and a great looking dog! she actually backed Newt yesterday without me saying anything (I really wasn't even watching her she just slammed on brakes when she saw him) while we were letting them play. Both their noses appear to be fantastic. Newt is really starting to work cover very well at a perfect range.  It's alot of fun to watch them coming along.


Will Pope purchased a female from the Josie Wales and Chuck breeding

and his hunting partner Will Mooney purchased a male pup "Newt" from the Parker Rosie breeding in August of 2015.

Beau born 11/14/2015

I absolutely love his personality, goofy but very affectionate. Here is a pick that sums up his goofy personality perfectly. 


Don't think he will have a problem busting cover or exploring off trail (he is  bold) as just yesterday he found a broken board in our neighbor's fence and pushed his way through (not much space) over a garden box and through young saplings and fir trees on the other side to go play in their yard.  Then he pushed his way back through it all to our yard when we called him.  He was quite pleased with himself I was fixing fence boards this morning in the rain before work.


He is also crazy about fetching (I have to put away the ball/bumper/stick) and is constantly tracking scents now that it has completely thawed here.  I think he will really flourish with you and Skip this spring/summer, as he seems to love to train and learn things.  Can't wait to hear how he reacts to his first bird. 


2015 Breedings 

Josie Wales and Chuck

This litter produced 5 pups, 2 males and 3 females.  They have proved to be an easy group to work with.  Very natural in the woods with a tendency to point at a distance and a willingness to work with the hunter.  This breeding represents a Cinsar mainly Hemlock line.

2015 Breedings 

Rosie & Parker

This is the second breeding of this cross

Produced 11 pups, 9 males and 3 feamales.  This was a repeat breeding and has proven to produce excellent grouse dogs.  This litter produced excellant pups that were easily trained and took the woods naturally. 

Rose is doing well.  She has house trained quickly and adjusted to a crate almost too easily.  She has not messed in here crate!  She comes to work with me every day, and gets let out a few times throughout the day, so that certainly helped in getting her accustomed to the crate in the proper manner.  

Forrest M. Gibeault

2015 Breedings 

Josie Wales & Kenzie

Produced 5 pups, 2 males and 3 females.   Another nice litter and the pups are doing great and have all gone to homes that they will be hunted for groue and be a part of the family

She has been doing so good!!

But overall we work on usual things routinely and she is very eager to please. She’ll whoa on command and allow me to walk around her and release only when told to do so, she’ll heel well, and come (responding to the beep collar well for that). I’m pleased. I just need more hours in the week to work her on birds!! Overall, she is just an incredibly sweet dog…she really is. Loves affection.

Weston Mims


Happy is an understatement ease to train, enjoyable in the woods and a great addition to our family!   Neil Goodchild

2014 Breedings 

Lady M and Kenzie

Produced 9 pups, 5 males and 4 females.  This was the first cross between our English import from the UK and the Cinsar line.  We have been very pleased with this cross and find the breeding to produce a classic gun dog with all the features we are looking for in a grouse dog.  They have also been very easy to train.

Wren holding point on a grouse!

I’ve been buying products from Ann and Skip for a number of years now but it wasn’t until I purchased a puppy from them that I realized just how special Northwind Enterprises truly is. I had been looking for a credible dog breeder for years, unable to identify one that truly understood grouse hunting and the type of dog it took to have a successful and enjoyable hunt. Many of the breeders I talked with breed and trained dogs for a style of hunting that I just don’t find enjoyable. Being a grouse and woodcock hunter in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I wanted a dog that could work at a slower pace to minimize any bumping of birds.

After several disappointing conversations, I decided to give Ann and Skip a call to see what they had to offer. After one phone conversation with Ann, I knew they were the people I wanted to work with. From the first phone conversation, they understood exactly what I was looking for. I purchased my first puppy from them in the winter of 2015 and have sent her to their summer training program and I couldn’t be more pleased. Ann and Skip have taken the time to not only train my dog to be a first class hunting dog, but they have also spent time training me to be a better owner.

The success of my puppy and the return on my investment came from not only buying the type of dog I wanted, but partnering with the experienced and knowledgeable trainers such as Ann and Skip. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new dog and trainers to help with developing a hunting dog.

Brian Chapman

2014 Breedings 

Parker and Rosie

Produced 7 pups, 3 males and 4 females.

Pictured above is Jim Bailey with his dog Parker and Tucker.  Tucker is a result of the Parker Rosie breeding.  In 2015 we repeated this breeding due to the success we had with all of these pups.

The cross between Rosie and Parker and was very successful.  Both parents are naturals in the grouse woods and their offspring have proven to be the same.  We had the privilege of being able to work with all but one of these pups from the first litter.  This allowed us to see how these dogs matured and watch these pups progress over the course of 1 1/2 years.  This litter represents a true "Classic Gentemans Grouse Dog".  From the woods to the home these dog's area pleasure to have around. 



John Lilly owner of Abbey from the Parker and Rosie Litter


I've known Parker for a long time. He has been one of the most pleasurable dogs to hunt behind in the Grouse woods that I've ever experienced. When I heard that he was going to be bred to Rosie I knew that I had to have one of those pups.  I have not been disappointed. Abby has been the easiest dog to raise from a pup. She was quick to be housebroken. At 8 months she was pointing quail and during her second season she was trailing grouse. She is
a joy in the woods because she minds so well. I  Have never had that so easily with a bird-dog.  She is the perfect house pet as well as hunting companion.  Abby is almost three now and I'm looking forward to hunting with
her in Wisconsin,Maine, and Ontario this year. She has a big year ahead of  her and  I know she'll be able to perform at the top.





2013 Breeding 

Annie & Joe

Produced 10 pups, 6 males and 4 females. This breeding represents two parents that are superior grouse dogs.  The resuts were fantastic.  We had the privilege of holding back six of these pups and working with all of them to see how they developed and the results were tremendous.  We later went on to sell them as started or finish dogs before they were 3 years old.

Filson is another remarkable dog from this litter!

Conner on a guided hunt

Conner is from the Annie/Joe litter.  He was sold as a finished guide dog under three years old. This was a comment from a gentleman that hunt with Conner before he was sold.


"Conner is one of the best Grouse dogs I've ever seen. Incredible dog work to track and point this bird."

Parker as a puppy

Parker is from the Annie/Joe litter.  He was sold as a started pup. This was a comment from the first hunt with his new owner.


Just a quick note to tell you about Parker's day. We got out after the rain and moved quite a few birds. My son winged a grouse that landed in tag alder swamp. By the time we got near it Parker was stretched out on the nicest point you have ever seen. He had it nailed. He also had a nice point on a woodcock and several dead bird finds. He also ran some up and had fun. 

I think things clicked for him today. He hunted independent of Abby and found his range and was all business around birds. Pretty impressive for a dog not yet 6 months old.


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