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Printed or downloadable maps with GPX files for your GPS...the best of both worlds

For over a decade, we have provided hunters with the first ever printed Grouse Habitat Maps, the same maps on microSD cards for Gamin GPS units, and now we also have habitat maps for your tablet or smart phone as well.
Our products help hunters learn about new areas before even setting foot in new cover thus instilling confidence in hunting new areas and in turn giving our customers a vision towards success!
We are very excited about our enhanced ruffed grouse habitat maps that we call, “In the Field Grouse Habitat Maps.” These were first offered in 2010 for WI, MN, and MI and since then we have expanded to include parts of VT, ME, PA, NH, NY, VA, WV, and TN.  These maps are an upgrade from our original Grouse Habitat Maps we first produced over 15 years ago. Our maps have the most habitat detail of any map and they are multi-county coverage!
Hello Ann,
"What an incredible product. Thank you so much. I can’t imagine how much more challenging our recent grouse hunting trip would have been without your maps. We will continue to use your maps and certainly would not hesitate to recommend them to other grouse and woodcock hunters.”
Thank you, Mike Lutes
In The Field Grouse Habitat Maps (multi-county) are printed on either 12.5″x18.5″ water proof, tear resistant medium or 12.5″ X 18.5″ water resistant heavy weight paper and priced accordingly.  These maps sets are designed for longevity, durability, and ease of use.  Each map within the maps set is an excellent guide to help the hunter identify habitat features and better read the topography and cover before stepping into the woods.  To link directly to our Northwind Store printed habitat maps page and to select the States where the Maps Sets are located click on the button below.
To learn more about the GPX files that come with these maps and how to download them into your handheld GPS unit click below:

What sets Northwind Grouse Habitat Maps apart from any other topo hunting maps on the market today... in Ann Jandernoa's, owner and cartographer, own words:  


"I look at the woods differently  than other cartographers, I actually see the forest and all the trees.  There is more to making maps than just overlaying data on a topo map.  My background comes from having worked in the forestry industry as a garduate forester, managing logging crews , marking timber and inventory sales of timber.  I also worked extensively with venner buyers from all over the world.  Understanding soils and geological features for determining when to log an area and when not to as well as the builiding of forestry roads. Interpetation of aerial imagery and thousands of hours in the grouse woods as a guide is what makes my maps different than any other map out there today.  My background  and experiences have createed a unique set of skills in building maps that enables me to look at data much differently than those that are from a non-forestry background.


From a guide's standpoint I need to know the transitions, edges for weather and seasonal shifts, food and cover sources.  From a forester's view point I look at the timber types, stand density, geological features, soil composition, and wetland areas all of which helps me in sorting out the correct data for identifying viable habitat.  I produce maps that are specifically created to identify prime habitat that grouse and woodcock would use.  In this day and age of smart phones and tablets there is no need to clutter maps with business information listings when using an app on a wifi or cell enabled device provides all this information at our fingertips. not to mention the added cost to create and keep this type of information up to date on maps creates extra cost to the enuser.   


My maps are strickly for grouse hunting with the focus on helping grouse hunters get more out of their hunts and spending less time driving around looking for places to hunt.  I am only a phone call away and always glad to talk with you about your needs and evaluation of an area so that you can make the best decision on where to spend your time hunting."


I received the book for the Escanaba area.  My first reaction was where were you 40 years ago.  All the miles driven, Russel Bird shooters worn, cars torn apart, dogs shot over, and you were not around yet! 
I am particularly impressed with the intelligence of the research and more importantly it’s manner of presentation.  Instead of it being technical you unequivocally understood what the bird hunter needs, is capable of understanding, and the made it easy to reference.  A truly superb job!
Thanks again, BP
Our highly detailed, specialized, multi-county
 In The Field Ruffed Grouse Habitat Maps
are created specifically for the avid grouse hunter. 
  • Continuously Field tested for over fourteen seasons in the woods of Wisconsin while guiding grouse hunters during some of the worst conditions, these In The Field Ruffed Grouse Habitat Maps have held up great and offer more detailed hunting information than any other topo map available.
  • Map coverage for county forests include all the county forest lands within the county and some map sets contain multiple counties dependent on the combined sizes of the county forests. The number of maps in each map set varies dependent on total acreage covered.
  • Federal and state forests are mapped at district levels. Many State and Federal Forests span across multiple counties with no need to buy two or three counties worth of maps in order to get the particular state or federal forest you are looking for.
I know this is the BUSY time for your guiding so I will be brief. I hope this note finds you guys well and in the thick of lots of birds!
Rooney Mae (my Brittany), a friend and I got up to the Wisconsin woods this past week and had a terrific time in our pursuit of Grouse and Woodcock.
I’ve said it before and will say it again, the Grouse habitat maps we purchased from you have been invaluable to our success and our enjoyment. Since we spend our time hunting productive covers and not driving around looking for them—we are able to see and harvest a lot of birds each time out. Without bragging, we got limit on 2 of our 4 days in the field (close to limit the other days) and that included lots of flushes with no shots and some missed shots too. I got my first Grouse double (felt like pitching a no-hitter). I owe the success we enjoy DIRECTLY to your clinics, a day of your guiding and the invaluable resource of your Grouse Habitat Maps.
When I get my next bird dog pup, I will be having it trained up there with you guys—that is for sure.
Regards, Ross Browne
As you may remember I purchased the maps you made for me as well a the chip for my Garmin Astro 320. The maps are unbelievable and the chip is equally as helpful–in fact, more so. I love them both. I just returned from 6 days in Price County. There were many occasions where I was going to change direction in the woods, but noted on my GPS that there was good habitat right in front of me, but not yet within view. What a timesaver!! Found good habitat that I did not know even existed, and I have been hunting Price County since 1986!!
Thanks for your help.
Chuck Juengling


Below you will find some examples of the different pages found in each of our maps sets. Depending on the detail of the information we receive from the various county, State, and Federal agencies, our Overview maps and Legends, as well as core maps, may vary slightly due to the amount of data that we are able to incorporate into any given maps set.

Sample Legend

click on image to view with magnifing glass

 Legend details may vary due to the available date in any given area.

Sample Legend from  New Hampshire map sets

click on image to view with magnifing glass

In the Northeast our intent is to identify the age and shape of the cut as closely as possible.  Where we can, we also add soil data to many of the New England states map in order to help you identiy woodcock areas and areas where there will be good Aspen regeneration.  Our goal is to provide you with viable habitat for grouse and woodcock.  


Sample Overview Map 

An Overview map shows the locations of the map pages wthin a book

as well as the cut concentration found on a given map page.

click on image to view with magnifing glass

Map page 4 from the MN Cass Crow Wing, map book
Each map page shows detailed information such as labeled forest cover data and prime aspen habitat identified by both the age and the number of acres.  No index in the back of the book is needed as everything is right in front of you. Detailed trails and road data are provided to make accessing an area relatively easy. In the lower left hand corner of each page is detail of the map pages layout of adjoining pages.  Large 1:24,000 scale equates to 2.84″ = 1 mile.
                                                                     click on image to view with magnifing glass
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