Northwind Grouse Dog Foundation Program

At Northwind we specialize in training young pups (from 4 months on) toward eventually becoming a grouse dog.  We help them develop their social skills with other dogs and with people. We also work on the basics of leash manners, going in and out of a portable kennel (crate breaking), learning to "whoa" (precursor to being staunch), learning to work close and to pattern (work left to right and right to left) as directed with voice, whistle or hand signal.   We work on their "bird skills" with liberated birds and dependent on the time of the year and temperatures, we spend a lot of time looking for woodcock and grouse in the woods. Each program is tailored to prepare the pup or dog for the next level of training. 


Grouse Dog Foundation Training Program June 1 through July 31 (Year and Under)

We "customize" our Foundation Training Program based on the current demonstrated ability of the pup.  A started dog can be a dog of any age that needs a little help in one or more areas such as not holding whoa, creeping or bumping birds, running too big, hunting on his/her own, etc.  Our Started Pup Training Program begins the first of June and ends the end of July.  This is a two-month training program for a pup that has had no formal bird dog training. 



Our cost is a flat rate of $600.00 a month.  It covers boarding, and the use of liberated birds as needed.   We ask for you to provide the dog food that you normally feed your pup or dog. We will also administer any medications and topical applications as requested by the owner.  We require all dogs to have proof that all immunizations/vaccinations including distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, canine parvovirus, coronavirus, leptospirosis, bordetella, and rabies are current.  We also request that you have your dog on a monthly worming and tick application program before they arrive at our training camp. We ask that you leave with us the June and July applications for us to administer to your pup/dog.



We ask for a full month deposit at the time a training spot is reserved.  When you pick up your dog at the end of the training session, expect to spend the time we feel is necessary for you to properly transition the dog back to you.   In other words, we hold a mini-train the owner session.   The duration of the training period, one month up to three months, is dependent on the dog's current ability and what the owner's expectation are for their dog at the end of the session.  The specific objectives of the training and expected duration are affirmed before the session begins.


A note to owner about training your puppy:

Like working with any young animal, you need to imprint with a puppy. This is crucial to their success as a bird dog and for becoming a family pet. Puppies have a very small window of time during their brain development when they are considered most impressionable. This time frame is called imprinting, or may be called the critical learning period. The imprinting period occurs during the first 14 weeks of a puppy’s life. During this time puppies will learn more than they will learn in a life time.  Positive interaction with their environment (smells, sights, and sounds) and with humans and other dogs is very important; this is when the quality and quantity of what the pups will experience has the most impact on their future personalities and development as a bird dog.  During this period of their development our started pups are kept current on all their vaccinations, worming and other needed medical care, as well as on going socialization within our family and friends. This is the start of the foundation we lay with each dog we raise.


Laying a foundation with consistent training and positive reinforcement.  A consistent routine is a critical part of a young dog's life.  This relates to a young dog learning the basic commands that will serve him/her in the woods as well as in their new home. 

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If you have any questions about up coming litters, started grouse dogs in training or information about our other products or services ... please give us a call.

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