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Each year we work with a limited number of our setters that we will sell as started pups or started dogs.  Many will be at least a year old when hunting season comes and some will be on their second season for hunting, while others are just started pups.   Occasionally we will have some finished grouse dogs, used as our guide dogs, for sale but most are spoken for a year or two ahead and go to select homes.  If you are interested in one of our finished dog's you need to let us know and plan accordingly. 


All of our young dogs have their formal training in the grouse woods.  They have never seen big fields or phesaant cover.  Their experiences have been in the grouse woods with an occasional meadow, working along pine and tag alder edges, covering the habitat and cover that they will eventually hunt as your grouse dog. 


We request a deposit for a  dog on our list that you would like to purchase for fall delivery.  At the time of delivery we expect you to spend time with us meeting your dog, learning the commands, and observing and learning how to work with your new dog in the grouse woods.  These meetings take place at our training camp in the Northwoods.  We expect you to set aside enough time to make this transition as smooth as possible for you and your new dog.  Allow a minimum of 2-4 hours.


If you are interested in a dog for the fall hunting season, we ask that you contact us so that we can discuss your needs.  We want to make sure that each dog is matched up with the best possible owner and home. 


We post pictures to this page of available dogs but often the dogs are already spoken for, before we get around to taking the picture down.   We suggest, however, that  you call us to see if there is anything available that is not yet posted.


The first part of May we started posting  the 2017 dogs that we are working with for this fall.  As we sell them we will mark "Sold" by their name.  If you are looking for a more finished dog we will have some available but at this time they are not posted on our site...please contact us for more information.

Dogs in Training for this fall 2017

Each year we have a group of dogs that we work with and personally hunt throughout most the fall.  These are dogs that will have been on numerous hunts and will be ready to go.  We have 2 males available that will be on their second year of training.  We will also have some 5 - 6 year female setters  that have hunted with us and we are looking for specific homes for these dogs. These dogs are priced according to their age and ability. 

At this time, we have 4 that are in training.  These dogs range in price from $1800 - $4000 If you are interested in one of these dogs.  Please give me a call and we can discuss your needs (715) 264 - 2160

Update 5/1/2017  all dogs are already spoken for 2017.  We are now taking orders for 2018 for started pups or started dogs.  I was surprised by how fast everything fell in place with new potential owners contacting me wanting a started or finished dog for 2017.  We are planning a number of breeding's between now and next spring.  If you are interested in a dog for fall of 2018 please call. 

May - from the Josie & Kenzie litter  Sold

A natural in the grouse woods with a willingness to please with the typical sweetness of a setter.  She is looking forward to going to her new home in the fall and hunting the grouse woods in many states and the prairies of Montana!  This is May's first year of training and she is progressing well.


This has been a very successful litter for us.  We are very pleasead with the results of this litter.  May is doing very well in the grouse woods training.  We are pleased with her progress. She is going to be a natural in the grouse woods.  


Started Pups born 11/14/15 from the Josie and Chuck litter. 

In training for this fall's hunting season


Northwind Grace - Tri colored female Sold

Grace is showing great drive in the grouse woods matched with a willingness to please.  She is quick study in everything she does and like her brother she is loving.  She is quartering, easily mastering her commands and is showing all the natural instincts that her parents possess.  She eagerly bust brush and also checks in regularly. She is in training and will be ready for this fall 2016 hunting season.


These pups will be ready to go to their new home by mid to late September. They will possess the foundation needed to work with a hunter in the grouse woods.  They will also be house broke.  If you are looking for a well started pup that has been worked and trained from day one in the grouse woods.  Either one of these pups would be an excellent choice.   For more information about this litter...please follow the link. For more detailed information please call. 

Started Grouse Dogs born 08/09/15 from the Parker - Rosie litter. 

In training for this fall's hunting season.


This is a repeat breeding and the last breeding of this very successful combination


If you are looking for a great bloodline that has been proven in the grouse woods... this is it!

If you are looking for the gentlemans grouse dog... this litter has been breed, and proven to produce offspring good enough to be called guide dogs.


Each of the following started dogs is in training for this fall 2016 hunting season. 


Over the next 6 months these dogs will have been exposed to working in the  grouse woods, learning to quarter, scent tracking, control on flush and shot.  Working within gun range of the hunter and knowing what the hunting partnership is all about.  Many will retrieve, all will know to hunt dead.  They will understand hand signals, commands and be ready for a hunting partner. Many of these dogs will also be house broke.


Our goal is to have these dogs ready to hunt by the end of September and to have actually hunted them ourselves before they go to their new homes.  That means that these dogs will be working with our seasoned guide dogs in locating birds for our clients.   


For more information about this repeat breeding please follow the link. 




If you would like more infromation about a partiuclar dog please call.


Tank from the Rosie Parker litter in training for the 2016 hunting season
Tank is doing very well with his training and progressing smoothly.  He is going to be very nice grouse dog and is easy to work with. Tank will very eaily be ready to double with one of our guide dogs during guided hunts.  Impressive for his age
Stanley from the Rosie Parker litter in training for the 2016 hunting season
Jack from the Rosie Parker litter in training for the 2016 hunting season
Blue Belton Male  

Abbey, from the Parker Rosie litter of 2014 owned by John Lilly 


I've known Parker for a long time. He has been one of the most pleasurable
dogs to hunt behind in the Grouse woods that I've ever experienced. When I
heard that he was going to be bred to Rosie I knew that I had to have one of
those pups.  I have not been disappointed. Abby has been the easiest dog to
raise from a pup. She was quick to be housebroken. At 8 months she was
pointing quail and during her second season she was trailing grouse. She is
a joy in the woods because she minds so well. I  Have never had that so
easily with a bird-dog.  She is the perfect house pet as well as hunting
companion.  Abby is almost three now and I'm looking forward to hunting with her in Wisconsin,Maine, and Ontario this year. She has a big year ahead of her and  I know she'll be able to perform at the top



Abbey received her formal grouse training in Wisconsin.  She was a natural from the start! We worked her with my guided dog Annie on numerous guided hunts and she quickly progressed in her training to becoming a great hunting dog


Hans is from the Parker and Lady litter. July of 2015


This litter was a very small litter and Hans is in training to be a grouse dog.  He is doing great and easily works the cover, always keeping in mind my location and is very biddable and easy to handle.  We are starting our bird work and he has great interest and a nice point on birds.  Hans is going to be a very nice grouse dog when finished.  Hans will spend the fall with me working with one of our guide dogs during the hunts.  By the time the fall is over this dog will have seen more grouse than most dogs will see in 2-3 years


Houston from the Josie & Kenzie litter  SOLD


This has been a very successful litter for us.  We are very pleased with the results of this litter.  Houston is doing very well in the grouse woods training.  We are pleased with his progress. He is going to be a natural in the grouse woods.

In Training for fall Grouse Season

"Happy is an understatement ease to train, enjoyable in the woods and a great addition to our family!"   Neil Goodchild owns littermate to Houston


"She has been doing so good!! But overall we work on usual things routinely and she is very eager to please. She’ll whoa on command and allow me to walk around her and release only when told to do so, she’ll heel well, and come (responding to the beep collar well for that). I’m pleased. I just need more hours in the week to work her on birds!! Overall, she is just an incredibly sweet dog…she really is. Loves affection."  Littermate to Houston.

Weston Mims


Each year we have a select few dogs that are ready to go to their new homes.  They have worked with us the year before on hunts and are now ready to work for someone else.  These dogs have shadowed our guide dogs on hunts with clients.  Some of these dogs are already house broke while others could easily be house broke if needed.  If you are interested in a dog that is well along in their development in the grouse woods.  Give us a call and we can discuss your needs.

Second year Grouse dogs

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