Northwind Advance Grouse Dog Training


This program focusses on the dog and hunter relationship and developing the scenting ability of the dog.


Runs from August 1 to the end of September.  Your dog must already have a solid foundation on whoa, and be gun broke.


Your dog will work in the grouse woods developing the following:


  • Working range of the dog from the hunter

  • Learning to point on less scent (running grouse)

  • Learning to track old scent and then acquire fresh scent

  • Holding point and allowing the hunter to get into position

  • Learning to point and relocate and acquire a point again at a controllable pace

  • Learning to back another dogs point

  • Conditioning for the grouse season

  • Will be hunted and shot over once the season opens

  • Dogs will be pared with season grouse dogs to assist the dog in learning correct behavior on point and in the grouse woods.



Our cost is a flat rate of $600.00 a month.  It covers boarding, and the use of liberated birds as needed.   We ask for you to provide the dog food that you normally feed your pup or dog. We will also administer any medications and topical applications as requested by the owner.  We require all dogs to have proof that all immunizations/vaccinations including distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, canine parvovirus, coronavirus, leptospirosis, bordetella, and rabies are current.  We also request that you have your dog on a monthly worming and tick application program before they arrive at our training camp. We ask that you leave with us the June and July applications for us to administer to your pup/dog.



We ask for a full month deposit at the time a training spot is reserved.  When you pick up your dog at the end of the training session, expect to spend the time we feel is necessary for you to properly transition the dog back to you.   In other words, we hold a mini-train the owner session.   The duration of the training period, one month up to three months, is dependent on the dog's current ability and what the owner's expectation are for their dog at the end of the session.  The specific objectives of the training and expected duration are affirmed before the session begins.   


Limited openings are avaliable. Contact us for further information:   



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If you have any questions about up coming litters, started grouse dogs in training or information about our other products or services ... please give us a call.

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