2019 Planned Breeding's

Nago (French) X Molly (out of Maestro French x with Josie US

2nd Breeding

Will be a French sire not sure which male I will use.   The female will be Ellie and she is a sister to Molly.  

In 2018 we did not do any breeding's and our focus was on getting started dogs ready for their new owners.  Our kennel is not like most that mainly have puppies for sale.  We sell very few puppies and I will only sell a puppy to someone that I will personally be working with to make sure the pup turns into a very good grouse dog.  My bloodlines are not like the US bloodlines and I train my dogs differently than most trainers. My training is more like the European trainers and I have found this style of training more suitable to the type of bloodlines of setters that I am dealing with.  

I will only work with two owners a year because I am in the process of getting the other dogs ready for their new homes. In reality I like to work with first time bird dog owners and help them get the most out of their pup and also understand the woods and how to work their young pup.  The rest of the dogs I sell are started pups or started dogs or finished dogs.  Which typically I hardly ever get to sell a finished dog because I sell out quickly.  

We do not do a lot of litters but we focus on quality and not quantity in what we do as a kennel. I am very particular in who I sell my dogs to.  Bottom line I am going to put a started pup or started dog in the best home suited for that particular pup or dog not because someone is offering to buy it.  

The other aspect of this is matching the right owner for the particular dog.  This is important and in the end makes a difference in the success of the relationship between the owner and the dog and the hunting bond that is formed for out in the woods.


We are all about training a grouse dog and where we live and how we train is for one purpose GROUSE!  After having guided over 15 years for grouse and being a forester the woods is where I spend most of my time with the setters.  I would rather work a running grouse than deal with birds that sit and hold and only require a dog to hold a point.  

Finally we look to build long-term relationships with our clients and we are always there to help them.  At this point, I have many clients that are on their second dog from us for that we are both thankful and proud of that fact.  So in the end if you are interested in a breeder that is committed to their line of setters can offer quality bloodlines from some of the best of Great Britain and Europe, that is what we are all about.  We are not about a quick sale and selling a bunch of puppies we are focused on producing great grouse dogs.

2018 Available Started Pups and Started Grouse dogs 

 Woundales Arnie and Northwind Fern 9/13/17

As of 11-28-18 all started dogs that we have ready have been sold

This is a very unique breeding.  The mother Fern was produced from Kenzie a UK import and the Cinsar female.

Arnie the Sire is the closest anyone can get here in the states to the Sharnberry Red Bracken line.  This cross is primarily imported lines from the UK.   Started dogs will be available this fall from this cross.  This is a proven close working gun dog line that excel in the grouse woods and in the home as a family companion. 

We held back 4 pups from this litter to work with over the winter into the fall of 2018.  These pups will become available in late August or early September. 

These young dogs will be ready for their first fall in the grouse woods and their new owner.  The started dogs will be just over a year old when grouse season begins.


So if you are looking for a driven, close working, biddable hunting companion that is ready for its first year in the grouse woods.  Give us a call.  All dogs are housebroke and micro-chipped before being sold. 

Sire Woundales Arnie

Woundales Arnie on the left holding point with Abby

Dam Northwind Fern

Fern's mother is Lady M

a Cinsar grouse and woodcock guide dog

Fern's sire is Kenzie imported from the UK a close working grouse dog that has guided

Maestro and Josie litter born late June 26, 2017

Maestro French lines covers the ground but when he hits scents becomes very cautious and this guy has an incredible nose for picking up scent from a great distance. Not to mention he has the style of the Italian Setter bloodlines.


Cinsar Josie on the left with Skip and one of her daughters coming back from a training run in the grouse woods


This was Ellie's first time on birds in the mountains of Virginia.

What more can you ask for she points, she retrieved and she worked the cover. Just barely over five months old and she looks like a pro. The genetics are there and all it takes is developing the young dog the rest of the way into the bird dog that she can become!


If you would like to discuss what is available please give me a call

and I will be glad to talk with you.

715 264 2160


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Glidden, Wisconsin 54527


If you have any questions about up coming litters, started grouse dogs in training or information about our other products or services ... please give us a call.

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