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For over fourteen years we have provided hunters with the first ever grouse habitat maps and we also offer the maps on microsd for Garmin GPS units as well as in a format to overlay onto Google earth. Our products help you the hunter learn about new areas before you even set foot in new cover thus instilling  confidence in hunting new areas and in turn giving our customers a vision towards success! Thank you for visiting our website.

What's new:

Just completed for the 2014 Season a Northwind Grouse Habitat Maps Set for New Hampshire: Berlin/Gorham area north to Errol.  Available in printed and microSD card formats.  426 cuts over 28,000 acres.  Maps include shape of the clear cuts and approximate year of harvest and acres.  Shown are ptoential Tag Alder areas, soil data included to identify the most fertile areas of a cut and wetland data included to identify the moist areas for woodock along with enhanced road and trail sytem identified.  Click here to order

We are excited to announce that Ann has publsihed a grouse dog training manual called: Training Your Grouse Dog to be a Foot Hunting Companion Gun Dog.  This manual is a unique, positive training method structured for the first year of training your pup to become a good grouse dog.  With an unparalleled understanding of grouse habitat and the traits of a grouse, Ann’s insights shared in this training manual will help you to better understand how to train your young pup to hunt these difficult upland birds. This manual focusses on the first year of your pup’s development as it grows into becoming good, hopefully great, grouse dog.  For more information please click here.

In our Upland Library you will find information about our deverse collection of videos, some currently under development, that cover a range of topics from using internet resources such as  Google earth imagery to identfy the qualities of productive hunting areas.  Our first set of videos is called Part 1 a three lesson tutorial called "Interpreting Habitat Imagery utilizing internet web viewers and Google earth".  Please take a moment to view the following clip to give you idea of what is covered:

 Here are just some of the many topics that are and will be covered in our  "How To"Video Series :  

  • How to understand the importance of Stand Density
  • Understanding elevation and its relationship to habitat
  • Identify habitat by looking at imagery color
  • Identifying habitat by crown shape
  • Working with shadows and what they tell us
  • Utilizing free web viewers to locate and identify habitat
  • Using Google earth to work with historical imagery
  • Learning how to identify habitat with the use of overlays
  • Determining habitat quality and locating problem areas in clear cuts
  • How to locate access trails, gates, berms and much more

For more information please visit the Upland Library or Education sections of our website and click on the How To Videos tab or click here. You can purchase our videos from out online store by clicking here or by calling us at 715-264-2160.

Mapping Solutions Products:

Sometimes it is hard to see the forest for all the trees and we all know that locating key habitat is the first step in planning a successful hunt and, of course getting there is the next step. Our products have been proven to help you with both of those steps.

For over ten years we have been providing hunters with specialized topographical maps that identify game specific habitat thus eliminating the need for countless hours of driving and walking looking for places to hunt. Our maps are produced by a graduate forester and upland guide who know the woods and how to identify productive habitat. The same maps we produce for hunters we also use for scouting new areas for our guided hunts, thus ensuring a quality hunt for our clients. We strive to provide services that save you time and give you valuable information that will help you pinpoint prime habitat instead of spending your time in non-productive habitat.

     Scout and Hunt Grouse Habitat Overlays for Google Earth


In 2012 we introduced you to our newest product for hunters - Scout and Hunt Overlays for Google Earth. Please take a couple minutes and view the short video below to see how you can utilize Google Earth in conjunction with our Grouse and Woodcock Habitat Bundles:




This is the ultimate tool for those of you that want to utilize Google Earth to prepare for your upcoming hunt and to learn more about the habitat in which you will be hunting before you go into the woods. Knowing where the key habitat is located saves time, money, and untold frustration. The majority of your "pre-hunt" scouting can now be done from home, thus maximizing your time spent in the field. You will enjoy a more productive hunt in prime habitat locations versus driving the roads and wasting precious time. For more information please click here.


      Printed In The Field Grouse Habitat Maps


We are very excited about our enhanced ruffed grouse habitat maps that we call, "In the Field Grouse Habitat Maps." These were first offered in 2010 for WI, MN, and MI and expanded in 2011 to include parts of VT, ME, PA, NH, and NY. For 2012, we have already included VA, WV, and TN. For detailed information, sample map pages, etc., please click here.


      Grouse Habitat Maps microSD Cards for Garmin GPS Units


We are pleased to offer our Northwind "In The Field Grouse Habitat Maps", pre-loaded on a microSD card that is compatible with the newer Garmin GPS units that accept custom maps.  For more information, please click here.


      Guided Grouse and Woodcock Hunts


Here at Northwind Enterprises, we strive to provide our clients with the best possible upland hunt. What sets us apart from other guide services is that this is our full-time job. Our business is centered year around on grouse and woodcock. No other guide service in northern Wisconsin, which we know of, can say this. For more information please here.


     Seminars and DVDs


Thanks again to all who attended one of our grouse hunting seminars that we have held over the past four years. Even though there are no public seminars scheduled at this time, we are planning to offer the program in conjunction with our Northwind Grouse and Woodcock Clinic as a daylong event here in northern Wisconsin in late summer, early fall. In addition, our 3-disc DVD package "How to Locate and Strategically Hunt Grouse and Woodcock" is available. For more information on our seminars, clincis, and DVDs please click here.


    Northwind English Setters


Although we breed and raise English Setters primarily for our guide business, from time to time we do have pups, started pups, and started dogs for sale. This coming spring we will have available some started pups, whelped earlly January 2014, and some started dogs with one to two grouse seasons "under their belts". Our dogs are bred specifically for hunting grouse in the dense cover of the northwoods of Wisconsin. They are well socializaed, highly bidable, close-working dogs that hunt for you. Our dogs are premier hunting partners and family pets. Be sure to check with us. For more information about our Northwind English Setters please click here.


     Grouse Dog Training


A unique dog training experience only found in the heart of northern Wisconsin's premier grouse habitat. Our Northwind Wilderness Base Camp is off the grid, well off the beaten path. We are fortunate to have access to abundant grouse and woodcock to train our own dogs, and client dogs, for grouse and woodcock hunting. If you are looking at getting your dog on more Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock than they will see most anywhere else in the US this is the place to send your dog to be trained starting in early June through mid-September. For more information about our Dog Training programs for all breeds and all ages, please click here.

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