Mapping Soultions

Printed Grouse Habitat Maps and Digital Grouse Habitat maps for your Garmin GPS Units

Sometimes it is hard to see the forest for all the trees and we all know that locating key habitat is the first step in planning a successful hunt and getting there is the next step. Our products have been proven to help you with both of those steps.

For over 13 years we have been providing hunters with specialized topographical maps that identify game specific habitat thus eliminating the need for countless hours of driving and walking looking for places to hunt.

 Our maps are produced by a graduate forester and upland guide who knows the woods and how to identify productive habitat. The same maps we produce for hunters we also use for scouting new areas for our guided hunts, thus ensuring a quality hunt for our clients. 

We strive to provide services that save you time and give you valuable information that will help you pinpoint prime habitat instead of spending your time in non-productive habitat

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            Scout & Hunt

Statewide Map Coverage view it on your Smart Phone,Computer or Tablet 

Northwind Enterprises, has done a big part of your scouting by researching and developing specialized layers that can be viewed on our online Grouse Habitat Map Viewer. The data displayed within our map viewers shows where the primary grouse and woodcock habitat is located and how to get there.

View the map in the comfort of your home or in the field on your phone or tablet.  As long as you have an decent internet connection or cell phone signal you are all set to go. If you are using a GPS enabled device, you can also hit the locate button on your map and it will show your location on the map viewer.

Also available within the map viewers is a statewide Aspen Analysis Map that identifies the best locations within a state for aspen concentrations.

Take time to look at our demo and learn how easy it is to locate new areas to hunt before you ever leave your home. 

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     Guided Grouse Hunts

Hunt over close working guide dogs we trained specifically for Grouse and Woodcock hunting

Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible upland hunt. What sets us apart from other guide services is that this is our full time job. Our business is centered year around on grouse and woodcock. No other guide service in Northern Wisconsin can say this. Other guides are part time. Some live elsewhere and come to the Northwoods at the peak of the fall to guide then return to where they came from. In the spring we do our own drumming counts survey with over 50 drumming sites located.

During the summer we conduct our own brood surveys for the areas that we hunt. Due to the extensive amount of mapping of aspen clear-cuts we do as part of our business, we know where the cuts are located that are “off the beaten path”.  We are constantly updating our aspen stand inventory records for new places to hunt in the four county regions around where we live. Our dogs are highly trained, close working guide dogs.  When fall comes we work hard to get our clients into areas that few others have been.

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Northwind News 

5/28/15  Release date for our newest product:

Scout-N-Hunt Habitat Map Viewers

for Wisconsim, Michigan, and Minnesota

Check back for more information as Ann updates her Blog from time to time.

Northwind Upland Setters

Our dogs are judged by their ability to hunt the Northwoods for grouse and woodcock by demonstrating their worth in our guide business for us and our clients.

Our setters are quick learning and posses natural ability.  These setters are one of the nicest lines of hunting dogs  we have ever had the pleasure of working with.  

When the hunt is over they easily turn it off and become the embodiement of the setter laying by the fireplace on a cold winter’s night.  They are gentle, loving dogs. 

However don’t let that fool you becasaue when it comes time to hunt they are all business and possess a drive that will match or exceed anyother pointing grouse dog in the woods.

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